Recovery Pack


3 sessions of 60 minute body work, Medicupping or Deep-Tissue Massage Therapy.

What is Medicupping?

Medicupping is a dynamic form of cupping therapy. By increasing circulation and reducing problematic neuromuscular tension, it is highly restorative in cases of acute and chronic pain (tendonitis, sprains/strains, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff injuries, back pain, stiff ankles, carpal tunnel, etc). Other benefits include improved sleep, increased mobility/engagement/awareness, reduced pain symptoms, faster recovery times… It is also a great alternative to acupuncture/needling for those who are looking to achieve similar results using a less invasive technique.

What is Deep tissue medical massage therapy?

Deep tissue medical massage therapy is a holistic approach to finding and treating the root cause of your pain. In addition to reducing and managing pain, this type of massage can help you to gain flexibility and freedom of movement, all while reducing stress. Each session is customized to meet your needs, even as those needs evolve and change over time. With a person experiencing chronic pain or dealing with an injury, sessions will build upon one another to slowly open up and release areas that may be contributing to the pain or inhibiting the healing process. For persons not currently in pain or with injury, a session will primarily focus on whole-body maintenance and "tuning up" specific areas as requested by the client and noted during intakes and assessments