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  • What is Gymnastics Strength Training?
    Gymnastic strength training is a method of training involving bodyweight exercises that work towards mastering gymnastic skills. We follow the principles of GymnasticsBodies’ coach Christopher Sommer and his philosophy that strength without flexibility is as useless as flexibility without strength—the power is in the combination. Learn how to do a handstand, hang upside down, climb a rope, and much more.
  • What is the difference between Transform Fitness and Transform GST?
    Transform GST is the group class program within Transform Fitness. GST classes specifically focus on the use of Gymnastic Strength Training (GST) to improve its athletes. Classes such as Kettlebells for GST and Kinstretch for GST focus on modalities that will benefit your GST training.
  • Do I have to have experience with gymnastics?
    No experience necessary! We cater to all levels from novice through advanced.
  • As a beginner, can I attend any large group class?
    Though most of our classes are scalable to any level, we recommend new athletes begin with Gymnastic Strength Training, Gymnastic Strength Training Basics in Central Park or any of the classes listed in the beginner section of our goal planning page. For a more personalized start, we also offer personal 90 minutes assessments with a qualified coach to help you get started. Click here to get started!
  • What sets you apart from other training programs?
    Our team of coaches are lifetime movers with a level of skill that is unmatched by any facility in NYC. They focus on the best possible result for the athlete. We have a thorough assessment process that allows us to better serve you. Our coaches not only experienced the fitness industry as professionals, but also as students and are always learning to improve their knowledge and skill sets.
  • How experienced are your coaches?
    All of our coaches are certified personal trainers and have extensive backgrounds in multiple disciplines including gymnastics, acrobatics, dance, martial arts, yoga, and personal training. Click here to see our bios.
  • How long will it take me to learn/how often do I need to train?
    The more time you devote to training, the faster you’ll see results. Frequency + Smart Programming = Results. Fill out our intake form and a coach will reach out within 48 hours to get you started. And check out our goal planning page for more detailed outline on how to achieve your goals.
  • Do I need to book into a class?
    Yes! Classes fill up quickly and space is limited so it’s necessary that you sign up in advance. Book in Now!
  • Do you have a COVID-19 mask or vaccination policy?
    Yes we do. As of March 11th, 2022, fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear a mask in the gym. Unvaccinated individuals can once again train in the gym, but are required to wear a mask. If you are new to the gym, please share your vaccination status with your coach. Your coach will log this information in your file. For updates to this policy, check back here, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram.
  • What is you cancelation policy?
    Our personal training sessions have a 24 hour cancelation policy and our group training classes have a 12 hour cancelation policy.
  • Do I need equipment for Livestream Classes?
    For most classes, you do not need any equipment. However a 5 to 10 pound weight, yoga mat, yoga blocks and a stretch strap will enhance your workouts. For some classes such as Livestream Rings classes you'll need rings. If any other classes need equipment it will be specified in the class description. Contact us at is you'd like suggestions for your home fitness setup.
  • Do I need to keep my video on during Livestream Classes?
    We highly suggest you keep your video on during our livestream classes. We pride ourselves on our ability to personalize your experience, even in the group class setting. If we cannot see you we cannot optimize and adjust for your needs.
  • Do my sessions or classes expire?
    Yes, all personal and group training packages have an expiration date that is listed prior to check out and on your receipt. Contact us via our chat feature or at if you need help finding this info prior to purchase.
  • Can I get a refund if training with Transform Fitness is not for me?
    Refunds can only be requested within 48 hours of purchase and if no sessions are used. A 10% administrative fee is deducted from the total price to process any refund. After 48 hours all sales are final. However, if you have a friend or family member interested in training with us, upon approval, you can transfer your purchase to them.
  • I have more questions. Can I call to find out more about training at Transform Fitness?
    Call (212) 759-5006, text (833) 666-0614, or email for more information. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
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