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Reach Peak Fitness Through Gymnastics Strength and Mobility Classes

Our group classes focus on the Gymnastics Strength Training principles of mobility, balance, and strength. This is not your average gym workout. GST is a bodyweight based calisthenics workout that increases strength, flexibility, and mobility through pulling, pushing, bending, jumping, and swinging, using only bodyweight for resistance.

Gymnastics Bodies coach Christopher Sommer emphasizes, strength without flexibility is as useless as flexibility without strength—the power is in the combination.  

In our classes, we build strength on a foundation of flexibility and mobility. Our goal is for our athletes to run, jump, play, and be pain free without risk of injury in every activity they do. Our classes are for people who want to dedicate themselves to improvement—people who want to reach their next level of fitness, regardless of where they are beginning.

A Great Place To Start

All Level | GST Foundations

Our GST group class is a whole body workout. We focus on foundational moves that progress to the seven primary gymnastic strength modalities: front lever, straddle planche, side lever, manna, pistol squat, hollow back press, and rope climb. We address the core, pushing, pulling, single leg and straight arm strength. This class is quick tempo, conditioning muscles, tendons, and bones to perform at a higher level. No previous experience with Gymnastics Strength Training is necessary.

TransformGST Coach Jan Manke

All Level Lower Body Mobility

The focus of our Lower Body Mobility class is mobilizing the hips, knees, ankles, and the lower body muscles. If you have tight muscles, fascial restrictions, lower back pain, or simply want to improve your flexibility, this class will meet your needs. We work on improving your pike, middle split, front split, and squats. This class is appropriate for all levels and athletes. Modalities can easily be gauged and adjusted to meet your current level of mobility.

TransformGST Co-Founder Nick Ebner

All Level Upper Body Mobility

The focus of our Upper Body Mobility class is mobilizing the shoulders, elbows, wrists, thoracic spine, and the upper body muscles. Through conditioning pecs, shoulders, lats, and thoracic spine, this class will help you develop the strength needed to move in correct alignment. This class is appropriate for all levels and athletes. Modalities can be easily gauged and adjusted to meet your current level of mobility.

Get Results with TGST Classes

From recreational sports to warrior and adventure races, we’re not always conditioned for the activities we do. This leads to high risk of injury, especially as we age, and it’s because we don’t prepare our bodies to perform across a wide variety of activities.

Gymnastics Strength and Mobility classes will improve your weight to strength ratio, help you gain strength in a greater range of motion, and lead to a reduced risk of injury in all activities.

Results you’ll see from our classes:

  • Increased body awareness

  • Improved balance

  • Increased flexibility without hindering strength gains

  • Improved strength without hindering flexibility gains

  • Decreased risk of injury

  • Overall longevity and mobile strength

Strength, Balance, and Mobility: Master Your Body

  • Build a base of strength and mobility that will help you excel in everyday activities and recreational sports. Our athletes often tell us that their spin classes, barre classes, and yoga classes have improved since they learned to properly use their bodies in gymnastic strength training.

  • Many of our athletes initially can’t squat properly. After 6-12 months of consistent gymnastic strength training, they’re able to squat with full range of motion and lift the equivalent of their bodyweight.

  • Build the bodyweight strength to accel at handstands, single arm handstands, body levers, and other advanced gymnastic maneuvers.

  • Strength train while maintaining or improving range of motion to avoid injury.

Who benefits from TGST classes?


  • Gymnastics Strength Training and Yoga overlap at the foundational level and in GST classes Yogis learn new cues to be more active vs passive in modalities.

  • GST with help you translate your training to activities outside of yoga that require a more dynamic approach and decrease your chance of injury.

Pilates Students

  • We take the traditional Pilates core activation and cueing and build larger more complex movements on top of it.

  • Pilates teaches pelvic floor and abdominal activation and for this reason Pilates students often excel at hollow body work, a foundational move of Gymnastics Strength Training.


  • Fighting is a weight class based sport and GST helps fighters maximize their strength to weight ratio while maintaining optimal movement and flexibility.


  • Crossfitters waste energy moving inefficiently through complex movements such as muscle ups, kipping pull-ups, and handstands.

  • When properly trained, these movements become easier and more efficient and allow for less energy expenditure and improved competition times.  

We believe with proper training you can be strong, fit, and pain free while maintaining your active lifestyle. Our classes are your first step towards optimal health, regardless of age.

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