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Why Gymnastic Strength Training?

TransformGST Founder Nick Ebner holding a Pistol Squat; Single Leg Squat GymnasticBodies strength exercise

A question I’m often asked as a trainer is, “Why gymnastic strength training?” So, I thought I’d share a bit about gymnastic strength training, or GST, and why I use it for my clients as the core of my training program.

I choose GST over other programs for a few reasons. For one, gymnasts have the best ratio of strength to mobility out of any group of athletes. While other forms of training often create imbalance that can lead to injury, the moves gymnasts perform require the human body to be in balance, incredibly mobile and uncommonly strong. GST works to build the required foundation of mobility, balance, and strength in healthy combination.

Though GST is the building blocks of gymnastics, it is versatile and widely applicable. GST trains muscles and their supporting tendons and ligaments, allowing people to move in alignment, which in turn helps people enjoy athleticism and mobility for their whole lives. As a base, it benefits everyone from fighters, dancers and yogis to weightlifters, crossfitters and weekend warriors. It teaches people how to gain mastery over their own body and build strength in a safe and sustainable way.

I also love that GST is goals based and there is always something more to work towards. I have found in my years as a trainer, clients with performance goals generally see better strength and body composition changes than those who chase a weight or body fat percentage number.

I have personally benefited greatly from GST and the mobility, strength and balance it requires. I continue to work towards new goals for myself and my clients. I am excited to share more about GST and my overall methodology with you the next time I see you at TransformGST.

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